2.0.2 User Interface

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This will explain the application User Interface and main features.

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Splash Screen – opens when you launch FenestraPro for Revit.  Select an option to suit your model type (conceptual mass or detailed).

Main Window – made up of the Dashboard, Managers and Toolbar

Footer – provides controls for collapsing the window, opacity, Settings and for Signing into your Account or the Cloud Service (subscription required).

Building Manager – This provides settings for the project.  Calculate the Solar Loads here and include Shading Effects is required.

Performance Manager – Create a Building Code and review element properties in the model.

Facade Manager for Mass Models – Settings that apply to the entire project or selected Facades/Surfaces.  The Interface will adjust depending on what is selected in the Facade Navigator.

User Controls for Selected Facades/Surfaces (Mass Models only)


Facade Manager for Detailed Models – Details of glazing elements are displayed.

Custom Properties – provides custom property settings for individual glazed elements (other instances will not be modified)

Custom Groups – provides creation of a Group with favorite/most relevant Surfaces

Glass Database – modify Glazing Properties by filtering and selecting a Glass Type

Smart Surfaces – resolve thermal properties for glazing by having the application suggest suitable Glass Types

Glazing Tool – provides control over nested panel materials and properties

Snapshots – export the data to a Excel or HTML report


3 minutesread

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