2.2.3 Building Elements

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The ‘Building Elements’ option may be used when no rooms or spaces have been placed in the model. If the model is at an earlier stage, FenestraPro will provide analysis using the model geometry and reads analytical shade surfaces.

Both options for detailed models provide the same FenestraPro features, but the BIM model will be read differently depending on what information is present in Revit. There may also be a different number of Façades and Surfaces when the Building Elements option and the Spatial Elements option are compared since Surfaces are defined differently in each method. For example, in Spatial Elements, each Curtain Wall will be allocated a separate Façade.

Note: It is important that the building enclosure is complete for both Detailed options. Major gaps in geometry will create issues where floors, walls and roofs do not meet fully.

There is a provision in the Settings Tool for adjusting the tolerance between geometry that has close proximity eg. Structural columns close to Windows. By adjusting this slider, you may find that the results improve (if current results exclude some glazing elements).

FenestraPro Building Elements


2 minutesread

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