2.2.5 Upload to FenestraPro Platform

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This button will open a dialog to allow you to upload a Detailed model to the FenestraPro Cloud Platform Service. The essential geometry and element properties will be transferred to the online service.

Uploading a Revit model to the Cloud Service

You may choose either to export just the envelope or the entire building to the cloud service. Click on the Upload button to send the model to FenestraPro Platform. The Energy Model in Revit is not required to be created in this case. The button will indicate when the upload is completed.

When viewing projects on FenestraPro Platform, you will need to refresh the browser to update your list of files with the new uploaded model.

Note: Only Detailed models are supported for uploading to the Cloud (Conceptual Mass models are not currently supported by the platform).


1 minuteread

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