2.2.6 Compliance Check

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Using the Compliance Check button will produce an Excel file (.xlsx). This will produce a report with Area Take-offs and Thermal Properties from elements in the model. 

Note: This feature is suitable for Detailed models only.  Element areas (walls, floors, roofs, glazing etc) are taken from Revit element data and not from the model’s Energy Surfaces eg. the full wall area is reported using the full extent of wall widths and heights (even if there are adjacent walls abutting which would reduce the heat loss area).  Some compliance software requires this full area but if your final outputs are to be the heat loss area only, these totals will require adjustment.

Note: As this is currently a Beta function, please check the outputs with your model data.  The values in the excel file may be edited. This may be necessary when there are several elements in the model making up one envelope type (such as exterior floors/walls). Elements with ‘Exterior’ functions set in Revit will be included but depending on settings in the model, not all elements may be correctly identified in Revit.

Due to complexities in modeling conditions, some data reported may also require manual checking or adjustment.  It is advisable to check that all elements expected have been reported correctly.  Model conditions which may cause reporting issues are covered below in Known Issues.

Users should also check that model conditions are appropriate for exporting relevant areas.  For example, a roof with an overhang will have this area included that does not contribute to heat loss (the entire roof area will be exported to the report).  Area values may always be edited in the report and should be checked for accuracy so that relevant values are finalized.

Exterior Floors and Walls to be included in the envelope should be set to ‘Exterior’ function in Revit.  This may be checked in Edit Type. Roofs should automatically have an ‘Exterior’ function but some curtain walls may be set as either Interior or Exterior. It is recommended that these settings be checked for accuracy before exporting the report.

On pressing the button, input a name and save the report to a location on your computer.  This may be then opened by navigating to this file and clicking on it (it will not open automatically).

This file provides information on Areas for Floors, Roofs, Walls, Curtain Panels, Windows and External Doors in the building envelope.

The family and types in Revit are listed as well as U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

For imperial models, Areas and U-values will be shown in imperial units.

For metric models, Areas and U-values will be shown in metric units.

This information can then be used in third party tools such to input values for validating compliance with Building Codes.

Compliance Check Report provides summary information
Compliance Check Report provides Revit element areas and properties


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