5.2.3 FenestraPro Shading Device

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This applies to Detailed models only. FenestraPro provides a Revit shading device family which may be inserted into the Revit model and adjusted for width and height. The effects of this device on Solar Loads and Daylighting can be viewed in the results when it is placed over windows and curtain walls.

Please use Spatial Elements for this feature and check Calculate Shading Factors in the Building Manager to ensure that shading effects are included. After the calculations have completed, the Dashboard will refresh with the new results.

Results with no shading device present
Results after a shading device is placed

Where this canopy device is added to the model it should be positioned on the uppermost Surface of any wall (over the upper windows) since all the windows/ curtain walls below will also be shaded by this device.  A FenestraPro sample shading device family suitable for use in a detailed Revit model is available by contacting us at support@fenestrapro.com

Generic shading device families will also affect the results and are covered below in Section 5.2.4.

When the calculations are completed, a message will appear to prompt you to close the Building Manager. You may choose to then close it or leave it open to study the results.


2 minutesread

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