6.1.3 Overall Building Performance

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Note: This refers to the older version of the software (v6.1).

When creating a Code, you may input a value for Overall Building Performance.  Some regions/countries may use a total building fabric method for compliance instead of elemental values (walls, floors, roof and glazing).  If no value is input for Overall Building Performance, a default value of 0.39 W/m2K will be used for metric models and 14.56 ft2 F hr/BTU for imperial models.  This may always be edited.

This method will only be used if the option Overall Building Performance is unchecked.

Setting Overall Performance value

Note: Any missing inputs will use the default values, so it is recommended to check that all boxes are filled when creating and saving your new Code.

To apply a value for Overall Building Performance, uncheck the box and input a value.  The value for Minimum Overall Performance in the Performance Area will update to display this value.


2 minutesread

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