6.1.3 Overall Building Performance

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When creating a Code, you may, if you wish, also include a value for Overall Building Performance. Some regions/countries may use a total building fabric method for compliance instead of elemental values (walls, floors, roof etc). If no value is input for Overall Building Performance, a default value of 0.39 W/m2K will be used for metric models and 14.56 ft2 F hr/BTU for imperial models.

This method of checking average performance will only be used if the option Use Code (under Minimum Overall Performance in the main window) is checked. If you input a value for Overall Performance and do not activate this method (by ticking the checkbox Use Code), it will have no effect on the results or on what is displayed.

Any missing inputs will use the default values, so it is recommended to ensure that all boxes are filled when creating your new Code.

Setting Overall Performance value

Overall Method is only activated by checking this box


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