Glazing Specification

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You can select an existing glazing specification from the list provided or create and save your own Customized Glazing Specification by selecting Add New or Edit Existing Glazing Specification. A new glazing type may be created if needed and custom values input for the categories displayed – Solar Transmittance, Diffuse Transmittance and Center Pane U-Value. Alternatively, existing glazing types may be chosen in the list, cloned and the name and values edited. New glazing types that you create may always be later edited or deleted. These will be available for other Revit projects also.

The new glazing type will then be added to the drop down list and may be assigned to Surfaces. These glazing types are used by FenestraPro to generate results but are not written to the Revit model. These will remain saved in the application however and will be available for other projects.

Setting a Glazing Specification for the entire model
Choose from the list or create a new Glass Type
Available Glazing Types 
Glazing Specifications available

Once you click on Add, you may also use entries in the Linc database to populate the value boxes. The Glass Type from Linc will then be added to the list and may be chosen for the Glazing Specification in Mass Models.

Linc is also available here for selection of Glass Types


2 minutesread

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