7.1.1 Warning Symbols

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In Detailed Models, when there are no U-values or R-values set for the Ground Floor, Roof, Wall or Glazing in Detailed Models, a warning symbol displays to remind you to set these properties in Revit. This may happen if the element is Generic and the structure/performance has not yet been decided.

Note: Since the Average Thermal Value of all elements in this category are shown, improving the thermal property of one Roof/Floor/Wall type in the model may not result in a value displaying if there are other types of that element in the model which also need to be modified. If there are several types of roofs and floors with different thermal properties in the project, all will need to have thermal properties assigned to get the Average Weighted value in Performance Manager.

Note: In Detailed Models, there may be several different types of floors and roof families. The Roof Performance panel or Floor Performance panel will display a warning symbol if one of these types is still to be assigned properties.

In the image below, a wall type in the model does not have thermal properties. This warning symbol may also be displayed if there are no solid walls in the model eg. the building envelope is comprised only of curtain walls only. To enable complete results, all elements in the model should have analytical properties assigned to them in Revit.

The Façade Navigator will also display an indicator where no thermal properties have been set for an element on a specific Surface. This is described later under Facade Manager.

Indicator if thermal properties are missing
Details List will include the element and double clicking will open Type Properties
Asterisk indicates that a family has None or High thermal properties

Type Properties may be used in Revit to set thermal properties and assign materials as necessary for roofs, floors, glazing and wall elements in Detailed models. It is important for  that elements in Detailed Models have thermal properties so that Energy Analysis may give complete results.

Note: The base of the Ground Floor must touch the Level for its properties to be identified. If it is offset above or below the Level, a warning symbol will display that there are no properties recognized. You may need to create a level in the project to align with the Ground Floor if it is offset for any reason.

Where element values display but are outside the ranges used by FenestraPro, you may see a red asterisk.  This is due to some element properties being outside the ranges expected by the application. This will only occur in Detailed Models. Hover over the asterisk to get details of the issue.

This may be only one family in the model or several families. The value shown in the element panel may itself be within the ranges but FenestraPro has identified an element family in the model which may have no thermal properties set or has a high thermal property.

If there are no thermal properties set for a family type in the model – a warning symbol will display in the panel.


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