7.2.4 Mapping or Changing Analytical Properties

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If no properties have yet been assigned to an element or family in Revit, a warning symbol will appear beside the Surface or Façade in the Façade Manager list.

Should you wish to assign properties to an element or family in Revit or change the energy performance characteristics assigned to an element instance or family type in Revit, you can navigate to Edit Type on the properties palette in Revit and assign a glazing construction under Analytical Construction.

Setting thermal properties for elements in Revit

Properties may also be changed by going to the Details list in Façade Manager (viewable when the Façade Navigator has contracted) and double clicking on the element in the list (curtain panel/window etc). This will also bring up the Edit Type window of Revit for editing.   

Double Clicking on an element in the list will open Edit Type


2 minutesread

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