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A new dialog window will open where all the glazing elements on that Surface will be displayed. If there is just one family, this will display alone. You may then decide whether to change one glazing family on that Surface or all glazing families (if there are multiple families on that Surface).

Surface Fix Tool to resolve thermal properties


‘Click to Fix the Surface’ opens this function for resolving properties

Once the family is selected, it will highlight in orange. You may then choose a new Glass Type from the drop-down list under Choose New Glass Specification. This will display the Linc database of Glass Types which includes the Revit list, Generic samples from FenestraPro and Selected Manufacturers. The list will be a shortlist of selected Glass Types with properties which will resolve underheating or overheating that would result from the existing glazing element.

Choose the family in the list and a Glass Type from the drop-down menu

Then click on Apply to change the Glass Type. The current Glass Type will be substituted with the new choice which will resolve the issue.

If you only wish to change this specific glazing element but not all other instances of this type in the model, you may click on Duplicate Family Type. This will create a new family type for this element alone and the changes will only be applied to this element (the changes will not propagate to all instances in the model).

Once applied a message will indicate how to proceed


2 minutesread

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