Apply to All – Assign new Glass Type to all families

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If you wish to apply a new Glass Type from Linc to all glazing families on that Surface choose the option Apply to All. All families listed will then receive the new Glass Type properties. You do not need to select each family displayed.

Multiple families in the list, you may choose to Apply to All or selected family only

Once an option is chosen, Linc will open and you will see a selection of suggested Glass Types. These Glass Types are displayed as they contain the properties that will adjust Heat Gain, U-Value or Daylighting to acceptable values. You do not need to press the Refresh button on the Dashboard as the results will update.

Note: If you already have the Linc window open, you may wish to close this to avoid confusion as the Surface Fix function will open Linc again once you select either the Apply or Apply to All options.

To avoid confusion, only one Surface Fix dialog box may be opened at any time.


2 minutesread

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