7.3.1 Using Linc from the Splash Screen

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Linc can now be opened from the Splash Screen without launching FenestraPro for Revit.

Linc icon may be selected here

1. Select the glazed element in the Revit model and open Linc

2. The existing Glass Type is displayed at the top

3. Choose another Glass Type from the list and using the Apply arrow, substitute this for the current type

4. If you are using Revit 2019 version and earlier and this Glass Type is not in the Revit list already, Revit will need to restart to apply the changes.

If you are using Revit 2020, the changes will apply straight away.  Note: there may be occasions when the new Glass Type does not apply and a restart of Revit 2020 is required. The changes will then appear in the next session.

Note: Solid panels may be changed to glass types using Linc but first the panel type should be changed in Revit to a Glazed Panel.

If your Revit application is not installed on the C: Drive of your machine, Linc may not find the path to operate correctly. Please contact us for more information and guidelines on how to set the correct path to Revit’s file structure.

Existing Glass Type is displayed and you may choose a substitute from the list


2 minutesread

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