7.3.5 Apply the New Glazing Type

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To substitute a new Glass Type from the list provided in Linc:

  1. Select the Glass Type from the List
  2. Apply this to the selected Revit element by using the arrow
Choosing a Glass Type and  applying to the model


This will substitute the current Glass Type in the model for the one chosen in the list. A message will display to confirm that the changes have occurred (if the entry is already in Revit) or if Revit does not yet contain this entry, that the properties will be changed when Revit is closed and restarted again.

Message that changes will be applied on next Revit launch (for Revit 2019 and earlier versions)

Note: If Revit’s Edit Type window is open, this will prevent any changes being made. Please ensure that the Edit Type window is closed before using Linc. If the properties cannot be changed you will see a message showing that the families could not be updated.

Reminder message when reopening Revit showing which families were changed


2 minutesread

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