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The dialog window displays current values for the selected Surface(s).

Minimum R-value (ft2 F hr/BTU), Maximum Heat Gain (BTU/ft2 hr) and Minimum Daylight % display for imperial models.

Maximum U-value (W/m2 k), Maximum Heat Gain (W/m2) and Minimum Daylight % display for metric models.

These values may be adjusted with the sliders or by typing in values.  By adjusting, the values, the list of Glass Types in the Glass Database will reduce to those that will satisfy these criteria.

Smart Surface Tool to resolve thermal properties

If values are reduced too much, you may not get any Glass Types that will achieve this in the database and you may further adjust until Glass Types appear.

  1. Adjust the values – this will filter the list of Glass Types in the database
  2. The filters will adjust in the main window
  3. This will produce a shortlist of Glasses which will achieve the results intended.
  4. When a shortlist is displayed, you may click on the Blue check mark to accept this list
Workflow for Smart Surfaces

The next stage will involve selecting a Glass Type from the list and applying it to the model. You will have 2 options:

a) Apply the Glass Type to all instances where this element is in the model

b)  Apply the Glass Type to this Surface only

Both of these options will be covered next.



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