7.4 Using the Cloud Platform

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A Detailed Revit model may be uploaded to FenestraPro’s Cloud Platform service. The model will appear in a browser window where glazing properties may be modified and the changes imported back into Revit where FenestraPro for Revit will read the changes. It does not matter which option you have used to open the model (Spatial or Building Elements).

Use the Upload to Platform button in FenestraPro for Revit. If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so.

Note: You will need a subscription to the FenestraPro Platform service to use this service.

Sign into the Cloud Service

As shown in the image below, you may choose to upload:

    1. Only the Building Envelope or
    2. all elements in the model (including context site, landscaping/ internal elements etc)
    3. Then press the Upload button to send the project to the Cloud. This will appear in your online storage which is exclusive to your account subscription
    4. This button opens access to the FenestraPro Cloud Platform service where you have stored previous models and allows you to edit settings for you profile, preferences etc
Uploading a model to FenestraPro Cloud Platform
Choose an option and then ‘Upload’

Once the model has uploaded, the button will indicate this and the model will be available on the online service. Using the Cloud service, Revit is not required and the service may be accessed away from the office, from any browser, and results shared with stakeholders.

FenestraPro Cloud Platform to analyze models and create reports


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