7.8.1 Change Properties for one Element

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A window or curtain panel may be highlighted in the Details List by selecting it and the Update Glazing button will become available.  Here you will be able to select another Glass Type for that instance of glazing.  A new window/panel family type will be created by FenestraPro with the name of the glazing type.  This will not affect other instances of that family in the model and only affects this element.

Clicking on the button will open a new dialog where you may select a different Glass Type from the Glass Database.  Use the drop-down list to select a Glass Type (typing in a name is not currently available). The list may be filtered using the sliders, clicking on the parameters (U-value/SHGC/VLT) to sort by highest/lowest values) or using the Logo (vendor) filter.

                                        Update Glazing Properties Tool
                                             Choose a Glass Type with suitable properties

Since Revit 2020, there are more options for Analytical Properties in the ‘Edit Type’ dialog window.  To use FenestraPro’s Update Glazing Properties function to assign custom properties or a Glass Type from the Glass Database, please ensure that the setting in Revit is ‘Define Thermal Properties by’ – Schematic Type.


2 minutesread

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