7.8.1 Custom Values

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Where windows do not have glazing properties (u-values, solar transmittance or visual transmittance), the window may be highlighted in the Details List and the Update Glazing button will become available. Here you will be able to input custom values for that instance of glazing. It will not affect other instances of that family in the model. If other instances are present in the project, a new type will be created automatically for this instance to allow this.

Clicking on the button will open a new dialog where you may select a different Glass Type from the Linc database.

Choose a Glass Type from Linc with suitable properties

A new dialog window will open, where custom values may be input for Solar Transmittance, Diffuse Transmittance and U-Value. A name may also be entered if you wish. These properties are then used by FenestraPro and will be saved for future use even if the model or FenestraPro is closed and re-opened. These values are not however written to the Revit model.

The Linc database is also available here to select a Glass Type from this list with associated properties.
Please make a note of window properties have been over-ridden as the Revit properties will still display ‘None’. You may use this button later to further edit properties for windows.

Note: All windows of this family type that are in the project will also be updated (universally updated).
In Revit 2020, there are several new options for Analytical Properties in the ‘Edit Type’ dialog window. To use FenestraPro’s Update Glazing Properties function to assign custom properties or a Glass Type from Linc, please ensure that the setting in Revit is ‘Define Thermal Properties by’ – Building Type.

Choosing a Glass Type from Linc


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