7.8.2 Fritting for Detailed Models

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The Update Glazing button also allows Users to add Fritting to glazing that is selected. This is to simulate a pattern on the glass which will reduce Solar Heat Gain and Daylight. When a window has been selected in the Details List of the Façade Manager, the Update Glazing button may be used to apply fritting if you wish. Fritting may be applied to both windows and curtain walls.

There are options in the Fritting settings for Transparency % and Coverage %.  When these are applied, a new parameter is added in ‘Edit Type’ in Revit to indicate the values chosen for each option.  As these are modified, these will be updated.

The results on the Dashboard will also update as fritting is applied.  The solar heat gain and daylight indicators will reduce as more fritting is applied.  The more transparent the fritting is, the less effect it will have on reducing Solar Heat Gain.  The less transparent the fritting, the more effective it will be on reducing Heat Gain.  Coverage will work proportionally – the higher coverage %, the more it will reduce Solar Heat Gain.

Note: If Transparency is 100% or Coverage is 0%, fritting will have no effect.  Also, when you apply fritting to one instance of a glass type, it will not be propagated to all instances of that type in the model (as is the normally the case in Revit).  Fritting is only applied to that element instance as it would not make sense to apply these settings to every orientation of the model where this element occurs.  Also you may want to apply fritting only to one panel of a curtain wall.

You will see the fritting setting in the Properties Palette in Type Properties under Type Comments.  This setting could then be exported to a schedule to review which glazing has simulated fritting applied.  This is not written to the model but is saved by FenestraPro and only used to modify the results.

Note: To apply fritting to a section of a panel only (the lower or upper portion), a curtain panel may be split at this height (without a mullion) and the fritting simulated and applied to this panel only.

Fritting Settings will appear as a new parameter in Revit
Hovering over the item in the list will display properties



2 minutesread

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