Linc does not save new Glass Types to Revit

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If Linc does not appear to add new entries to Revit’s list, there may be an issue with access to this file. Revit 2019 and earlier versions will need to be restarted before the new entries are written to this file. Revit 2020 will add new entries immediately and will not need to be restarted.

During installation, FenestraPro will check that permissions are set to allow the application to update this Revit file. If the Constructions.xml file is subsequently edited manually, substituted by another, restored or permissions are reverted to restrict editing, then updating will cease to function. This may be resolved by re-installing FenestraPro where permissions to edit the file will be restored.

Security permissions may be manually set for this file, this is an advanced process and is recommended to be done by those with sufficient expertise. Please contact us if editing permissions are restricted on your machine or if your Revit files are stored in a location other than the C: drive.


1 minuteread

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