No Values showing on the Dashboard or displayed in the Charts

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Open Building Manager and calculate the Solar Loads again .This will populate the latest results for the model in its current state. Possibly, the model was modified or there was an error contacting the web server to get the solar data.

For Conceptual Mass Models – check that a glazing percentage has been applied to the model. This may be done in Target or in Revit’s Energy Settings. For Conceptual Mass models – make sure that there is a glazing percentage assigned to the model in Target. This can also be set in Revit’s Energy Settings.

It is a good idea to extend the panel to the side and leave open the General Tab which will display any errors. You may check there to see if there are any messages about your internet connection or issues with the web server. A poor connection may not allow FenestraPro to calculate the Solar Loads or display the Charts.


1 minuteread

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