1.6 Launching the Add-in in Revit

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When you open Revit the first time after installing FenestraPro, you may get a security message about the publisher. You may click on ‘Always Load’ as this is normal and it is safe to install the application.

  Autodesk message when a new plugin is installed – Click ‘Always Load’           

When you open a model in Revit and are ready to begin analysis, you may click on the Add-in on the Revit menu. If you have not had a license before, you will be prompted to input the serial number that was sent to you. If you did not receive a license number by email, please contact us.  This may be copied and pasted into the boxes. You may then click Ok to proceed.

Input serial number that is supplied to you

Once you click on the Add-in the Sign-in window will open. You may sign in here if you have verified your email and created an account already. If you have not done this, you may close this window and continue.

Sign in here if you have created an account already


2 minutesread

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