17.2 Using FenestraPro on a Conceptual Mass

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  1. If the Project has not been opened before in FenestraPro for Revit, the Building Manager will appear prompting you to input settings for the building location, occupancy, etc.

  2. The Solar Loads may then be calculated. This will contact the web service to provide results for each orientation.

  3. Shading may be calculated if the building has such a shape that some parts of the building shade other parts.  Otherwise, if this is not the case, and shading features are not significant, this may be left unchecked for faster calculations.

  4. Once these calculations are complete, a message will prompt you to close the Building Manager and focus on the Main Window of FenestraPro for Revit with both the Performance and Façades tabs.

  5. The Façades area has separate controls for the entire Building and for each Façade.  Once individual Facades or Surfaces are selected, the user interface will change to provide more granular controls. Please see Section 6.2 above.

Using FenestraPro for Revit on a Conceptual Mass


2 minutesread

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