5.1 Building Manager

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The Building Manager is part of the on-boarding process (loading the model data into the application).  This is where project settings/conditions may be defined (occupancy hours, site type etc) and results are calculated.

The Building Manager functionality is common for both Conceptual Mass Models and Detailed Models but user interface may be slightly different.  When a project is analysed for the first time, the Building Manager will open automatically but there will be no data present until the Calculate Solar Loads button is pressed.

Please check that the settings in the Building Manager are suitable for your project before proceeding as these settings will affect climate data, solar and daylight calculations.  These settings allow you to adjust occupancy data, terrain type, building use, location etc.  These will affect climate data, solar calculations and daylight considerations.

Note: Once the Building Manager is open, the Revit model and the application window will be locked to prevent further changes until calculations have been completed.  Editing of the Revit model as well as zoom, pan and orbiting is disabled while the Building Manager is open.  You may choose to include Shading Factors if there are any significant shading effects on your project from self-shading, surrounding buildings or shade objects.  This will be explained in more detail the following sections.

The Detailed Tool also has a Building Manager where you may check project settings and calculate Solar Loads.  Once this is complete, move into the main application window.

If there are significant shading effects in the project, leave the Calculate Shading setting on before getting results (Download Solar Data). This will produce a second set of results with the most shaded areas on the model. You may also check shadows in the Shading Animation Viewer later.  Elements which cause shadows will typically reduce the results.


2 minutesread

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