7.0 Detailed Models

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FenestraPro v7 version

The new generation of FenestraPro v7.0 (for Detailed models) has several advantages to address typical model issues:

  • Faster loading times and re-launching (results from previous session are saved)
  • Faster Refresh (using inputted target values rather than Revit data)
  • Refresh will now update results after adding or deleting glazing to the model (no need to recalculate in the Building Manager)
  • Energy Model View to check Energy Surfaces and Spaces are present
  • Isolate Spaces and rename to review Heat Gains and Daylight within a Room/Space
  • Review and select model elements and option to highlight in Revit
  • Optional Model Diagnostic built into the on-boarding stage (loading Revit project)
  • Suggested Energy Codes based on site location, as well as custom Code creation
  • Assign Energy Code target values to ‘element categories’ (no need to modify Revit model)
  • Define thermal values for solid elements (over-ride Revit properties for calculation purposes)
  • Glass Database loaded into Revit during start-up (one time restart of Revit only required)
  • Revit model remains available for editing and review since the application is now more independent
  • Application still listens for changes and is connected to the original Revit file
  • Resize the application window
  • Center Model in Viewer (automated) – where internal origin or project base point is further away
  • Controls for improving display performance (where graphics cards are not optimal)

When you launch the Detailed Tool, there are options for checking Revit settings before on-boarding your model (extracting the model elements and properties into the application).


  • Launching (Check the Energy Settings built in)
  • Model Check and Assign Glazing properties temporarily if missing
  • Select Energy Code targets (or create a Code and import)
  • Apply Code values to element categories (Roofs/Floors/Walls/Glazing)
  • Check project settings (site type, terrain, occupancy hours etc) and Calculate Results


  • Enter the Design Area to make selections, review Spaces, Add Windows and Curtain Walls, Change Glass Types etc
  • Rename Spaces/Facades/Surfaces as required
  • View and isolate Surfaces and Spaces
  • Use Surface Fix to get suggested glass types to achieve targets


  • Produce HTML Reports
  • Review Shading Animations

2 minutesread

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