5.2.4 Roof & Floor Overhangs

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FenestraPro supports roof and floor overhangs in Mass and Detailed models.  A canopy may be used in mass models to achieve this affect.  You may test this in detailed models, by first calculating results without the element extended (Shading setting should be turned on in case there are other shading factors which may affect the results such as self-sahding from other parts of the building or surroundings).

When a Roof or Floor is extended beyond the Building Line, relaunch the application and get a new Energy Model when starting again (since the model geometry has changed).  Calculate Shading should be turned on in the Building Manager, and results generated (Download Solar Data) the results will be reduced.

Note: Internal Floors should not be extended as balconies or exterior elements.  A Floor family with ‘exterior’ function should be used externally.

Results with Roof finishing at the building line
Results with the Roof extended

You may also check in the Shading Animation if shadows are created by the object. If so, the results will be affected when Calculate Shading setting in the Building Manager is turned on.

Objects casting shadows will cause the results to reduce


2 minutesread

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