12.0.2 Add detailed elements to a Mass model

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When to use this option?

  • When moving from schematic stage to detailed design stage
  • When you would like to use more features such as Add Windows, Add Curtain Walls, Setting Glazing Specifications from the Glass Database, Creating custom glass configurations, Curtain Panels are intended to have separate materials (you need to use the Glazing Tool to set separate material properties)

Using a Mass model, add detailed enclosure elements such as roofs, walls and floors by face’ (floors, roofs, walls) using mass geometry

Set element functions as required (external/internal).  The Ground Floor should have ‘external’ function while internal floors may be ‘internal’.  It may be necessary to create separate family types with  separate functions.

Note: certain visual styles and settings in Revit may make it difficult to select surfaces for creating solid elements.  Please review ‘Show Mass Surface Type‘ settings and any overrides to graphical styles if required.  Also ensure that Worksets are editable to add new elements.

Assign analytical properties to elements using ‘Edit Type’

Slab elements (Roofs/Floors/Walls) may be further defined by your preferred families

Internal Walls may be added later if required to define internal spaces

Models without enclosure elements may use Curtain Systems to follow the Mass geometry. The Detailed model may then be analyzed in FenestraPro using the Building Elements option.

To analyze with the Spatial Elements option, Rooms or Spaces may be placed first.

Note: When adding detailed elements, the model created must be fully enclosed with detailed elements (detailed roofs, detailed floors, detailed walls) to analyze with one of the detailed options.  For example, a curtain system alone cannot be added to a mass model and then the model analyzed with one of the detailed options (Spatial or Building Elements) while also using the mass roof and floors.  Only one model type (detailed or mass type) may be analyzed at any one time (mass or detailed), parts of a mass model cannot be mixed with detailed elements for analysis.

You may add detailed elements to a Mass Model in Revit
Worksets may be used to turn on/off elements such as the Enclosure or Mass etc
The Mass may be turned off to leave only the created detailed elements (Roofs, Floors,Walls by Face) and the Enclosure in the View



2 minutesread

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