6.0 Conceptual Mass Models

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The following Sections cover features of the application as they relate to Conceptual Mass models only.  The Interface that you will see displayed is slightly different depending on whether you are analyzing a Mass model or a Detailed model.  The Building Manager is the same for both model types.

For Mass models, the Facade Manager has a few more User Controls for Surface modification.  In the Performance Manager, values may be input to simulate thermal properties for notional elements (while this is not true for Detailed models).

Creating a Mass model in Revit

Conceptual Mass models in Revit should be created floor by floor (while in the Mass Editor) rather than extruding a footprint from the Ground to the Roof level. Creating the Mass floor by floor (or level by level), will allow separate Surfaces to be generated in the application.  This will allow isolation of areas per Level and more control for changing glazing specifications, modifying glazing areas, adding shading canopies, simulating fritting etc.

Adding Edges to Mass Surfaces in Revit

Surfaces may be further divided by adding Edges from the Revit Menu. As more edges are added, more Surfaces will then be assigned in the application. Close FenestraPro and select the Mass model in the viewer. Click on the Mass Editor on the Revit menu and select a Surface using the Tab key and your mouse. The Add Edge tool will become available on the Revit menu in order to add vertical lines to that Surface.  Click to add an edge and save this modification.  These areas may then be assigned no glazing in the application when it is opened again and can remain solid areas.


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