5.1.1 Settings

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You may set various criteria in the Building Manager.

  1. Terrain Type – Choose between Open, Depression, Sea/Lake, City, South Incline, West/East incline, Valley, South Valley Side, West/East Valley Side or Summit.
  2. Building Use – Choose the Type which most closely matches the project.
  3. Location Setting – this will affect the maintenance factor for Daylighting (Urban =0.92, Suburban/Rural = 0.96).
  4. Building Occupancy Pattern – these are defined by the Building Use but may be over-ridden.
  5. Days in Use – days that the building is occupied
  6. Months in Use * – months or dates during which the building is occupied. One single date may be selected or a range of dates.
  7. Calculate Shading Factors – if there is significant self-shading or shading from surrounding objects
  8. Calculate Solar Data – this will populate the orientations for the model.

* Note:  Currently dates need to be selected within the same year rather than spanning across two or more years.  Dates outside the current year are not sent for solar radiation results. It is possible to get two separate ranges of dates within the same year by getting results for one set of dates and then another set of results for a second set of dates and so on. Snapshots may then be saved for each range of dates.


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