7.3.1 Selections

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To apply a new Glass Type from the database, you may make selections in two ways:

  1. Select a Glazed Element on the Revit model itself (use your mouse and the tab key on your keyboard to select) Section (only this glazing family is updated)
  2. Select a Surface (with glazed areas) from the Façade Navigator in the application Section (all glazing families on this surface will be updated)

Both methods will be described in the following article.

Several element families may be changed in the model and when complete, restart Revit to update all at the same time.  Assuming that the FenestraPro Glass Database has been loaded into Revit,  the new properties will update the results on the Dashboard and will also appear in Revit’s Type Properties.  When you first load your model into the application, the Glass Database will sync with Revit (it will be added to Revit’s internal list).  This may require a one-time restart of Revit.

You may check if the new glass types have been added by selecting a glazed element in Revit and by going to Type Properties and use the dropdown list of glass types to view the options.  If only the default Revit list is available, you will need to restart Revit.  Save your model, close FenestraPro and close and restart Revit.

Note: It may be necessary to restart Revit after updating the properties to write a custom imported glass type to Revit’s internal list.

Revit includes an option under Type Properties – Analytical Properties called  ‘Define Thermal Properties by’  parameter.  The parameter should be set to Schematic Type for glazing properties to update correctly with new Glass Types from the database.

Note: If this area has been set to User Defined or Building Type, the application will not be able to change the glass type for the Revit element.  Please ensure that this setting defines thermal properties by Schematic Type unless there is a specific reason to customize or override.

’Define Thermal Properties by’ Parameter should be set to Schematic for Glazing Properties to update correctly

Note: If you wish to change a Solid panel to a glass type using the Glass Database, first the panel type must be changed in Revit to a Glazed Panel type.  Refresh the Dashboard to update the new model condition before proceeding.

If your Revit application is not installed on the C: Drive of your machine, FenestraPro may not find the path to operate correctly.  Please contact us for more information and guidelines on how to set the correct path to Revit’s file structure.


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