7.3.10 Ask

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This button will appear once an item is selected in the Database list.  Clicking on Ask will take you to a browser window where you may contact a representative from the Glass Manufacturer.  You may request more information about a product/specifications.

The form will be sent to the manufacturer of the Glass product (Vitro or Guardian).  There is currently no forwarding of requests for Viracon products.

Note: You must be signed into your online FenestraPro account to access this feature.  These will be the same login credentials that are used to launch the application in Revit.

The ‘Ask’ button links to a request form

Request form is forwarded to themanufacturer

Request form is forwarded to the manufacturer

You may also access this feature from your online Account area – Glasses.  Select any glass in the database and click on it.  An option to contact that supplier for more information is provided.


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