7.7 Nested Curtain Panels

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The Thermal Analysis Tool supports Nested Components in Curtain Panels.  This is where panel families in Revit may consist of different components, sub-panels and materials. This is different to a curtain panel that is simply divided by grids and has various materials inserted it into it. Nested Panels are curtain panel families which are modeled independently, may be edited separately and are nested into a larger panel, possibly with other similar components.

Nested Curtain Panels within a Modular Panel

The Thermal Analysis Tool is a separate application but is bundled with your FenestraPro installer and provides information on these types of Curtain Wall Panels.

Where Curtain Panel families are comprised of nested families which may have several different materials, the Thermal Analysis Tool provides a breakdown of these families and the ability to assign thermal properties to each nested component. Once properties are assigned in the Glazing Tool, they may be input to FenestraPro by using User Defined Properties.  UPDATE: Soon, a new release of the software will allow the main application to read values directly from this tool once assemblies have been defined.

Please see Section 7.2.3 below for guidelines on using the Thermal Analysis Tool and how the properties set there may be imported into FenestraPro. 

Thermal Analysis Tool may be accessed from the Revit Menu 


2 minutesread

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