10.1 Glazing

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This Chart displays the percent glazing that is currently applied to a selected Façade or Surface.  This Chart may be sorted according to values by right clicking on any bar.

For curtain panels, glazing percentage will not display if no glass types have been assigned. For windows, gross window openings will display (not the actual glazed area) even if no glass type has been assigned to the windows. If window frame areas are known for each family type used in the model, the total percentages may be reduced by this amount (eg. 10% frame). If some areas of a window or curtain panel are solid/non-glazed, the actual glazed area may need to be calculated separately (reduce the total percentage displayed by the solid areas and frames).

For curtain walls, separate glazed and solid areas are displayed (where there may be spandrel panels). This is not the case for custom assemblies currently (a window with solid panels is assumed to be totally glazed).

Glazing Chart displays percentage glazed area on that Surface
Glazing Charts will highlight in blue on the model


2 minutesread

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