1.4 Initial Setup

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      1. When you have made a subscription to FenestraPro, you will receive an email with a link to verify. This will take you to a window where you can enter an email for the person nominated as Administrator for your organisation. This can be yourself or someone else.

        Initial Email to company Contact
      2. This Administrator will then receive an email to set up a password. This will allow them to enter a control panel space where they can set up Users for an organisation. Simply enter an email and confirm it.

        enter an email for the Admin person
      3. When this email is accepted, a message will display.

        message after email is accepted
      4. The Administrator will then receive an automatic email with a link to verify the account. Simply click on this link.

        email to Admin person
      5. This link will take you to a new window where the Administrator can create a secure password. Simply enter the same email, create a password and confirm this password. Please make a note of this password for future reference.

        Admin person may create a password
      6. Once this is verified, the Administrator may sign in to the account by clicking on the Sign in button

        Sign in using the credentials that have been entered
      7. Simply sign in using the email and password that was just created. You may check the Remember me checkbox so that your computer will save these credentials for future Sign ins.

        Enter credentials
      8. The Administrator can then enter the Control Panel area where they can see details for the organisation. The Administrator has already been added as a User. This area also provides information on the number of users allowed, Cloud Storage etc. If you do not have access to the FenestraPro Platform service, this value will display as zero.

        Control Panel area for Admin person
      9. On the left side of this window are buttons for viewing:
        1. Your Projects (when models have been uploaded to the Cloud, they are saved here)
        2. Manage Reports (as they are created, they are saved here)
        3. The Glass Database may be viewed here
        4. Manage your Profile and App settings
        5. Admin settings (this is only displayed for Admin users)
        6. Add new Users (this is only displayed  for Admin users)
        7. Create Teams and add selected Users to Teams

        Tools in Control Panel
      10. If you have only one Desktop subscription and you are the only User, you will be the Administrator and single User (you will not be able to add more Users).If you are part of a larger organisation with several seats, new Users may be added by simply entering their email, confirming it and clicking on Add User.

        Admin person may add Users
      11. New Users may be added by simply entering their emails. Users may also be given Administrator permissions so that they also can add Users and modify settings. Only Users with Admin permission can add other Users. Only some Users need to have administrator privileges. The number of Users that can be added is limited to the type of license subscription.Users that have been added, will be included in the list (this is displayed for Admin Users only). Until Users have verified their email, it will display Verification Pending beside their name.

        Added Users appear in the list
      12. Once added, these Users will then receive an email with the license serial number and a link to click on. This will allow each User to create credentials (an email and password) for signing in. (the email to be used to Sign in should be the same as the one that was used by the Administrator when creating the User). Even if you do not have access to the cloud service, Users should sign in as this is required for access to the application and for security.Users may be edited, deleted or also given Administrator privileges by clicking on their name, once they have been added, and editing their details.
      13. Administrators may also create Teams in the Control Panel. Click on the plus icon to create a Team name. Enter the name and click on Add Team. This will now appear under the Teams section.
        Admin may also create Teams if they wish

        Teams also appear in a list for reference
      14. By clicking on a User, they may be added to a Team by clicking on the Team name which will move it into the right panel. If Users did not receive a setup email, this may be resent from this area as well. Any changes then should be saved.

        Click on Users to Add them to a Team
      15. By clicking on a Team name, an Administrator may delete it if they wish.

        Admin may edit or delete Users and Teams
      16. By clicking on the Profile icon on the left, a User may edit their preferences such as preferred model units, User Name or Password.

        Edit Preferences
      17. If your subscription includes access to FenestraPro’s cloud service, you may periodically have to sign in for security purposes (models may be transferred to the cloud service for analysis and saved there as well as modified and these changes imported back into Revit). If your subscription includes access to the Platform, this area provides links to various tutorial videos and the FenestraPro website etc.

        View Projects that have been uploaded (requires a subscription)


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