1.4 Initial Setup

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1. Subscribe for a license using the online purchase option or by contacting sales at FenestraPro.



2. Once the license has been created, you will receive an invitation to the email address that was provided.

FenestraPro Sign Up

a) Click on the first link (Set up Your Login) to verify this email.

This will take you to a new browser window where you have 2 options.

i. If you wish to be the Administrator for this license, select this option and click on ‘Set Myself as Platform Administrator

Note: Administrator’s will take a seat under the license, even if they are not active Users of the application. You may choose a colleague if you think that they will benefit more from use of the application.

FenestraPro Platform Setup

(i) Select an option – Set yourself as the Administrator or another email

(ii) In the next window, enter a Password to be associated with this email. Enter this Password again to confirm. There is a further option here if you change your mind and wish to go back to the beginning.

FenestraPro Confirm Password

(ii) Enter a Password and confirm again. Once you have created a Password, click on ‘Confirm Myself as Administrator’

(iii) Once you have created a Password successfully, you will be taken to another window where you may use the Email and Password to sign in to your new Account. This is the window that you will see from now on. It will be where you can sign in to your account anytime to access Reports, view the Glass Database, set account Preferences etc. You may also check Remember Me so that if the browser Tab is closed, you will remain signed in.

FenestraPro Confirm Password

3. Sign into your Account with the credentials that you used.

(iv) The Second option is to nominate another email to manage this license. If you choose this option, you will see a new window where you may input a new email. An invitation will then be sent out to this email and the process is the same (click on the link – set a password – sign in with your credentials). Unlike the first invitation, the options in this invitation will be limited.

Verification must then be done from this email instead.

FenestraPro Confirm Password

4. Set a different email as administrator.

a) Click on the second link in the invitation email to go to the FenestraPro website where you may download the application.


Sample Models are also available here.

FenestraPro Sample Models


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