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Dashboard for Concept Tool displays weighted average results

At the top of the Main window are summaries of the current results and areas of elements in the Revit model (Façade Area, Glazed Area, and Total Area).

If all surfaces are selected (or if no Surfaces/Façades are selected) in the tree list of the Façade Navigator, the Dashboard will display the Total Areas for the whole building.  Values will display in relevant units according to the project units set in Revit (metric or imperial).  There is no need to set units in FenestraPro, as these will be identified automatically.

The U-Value, Solar Load, and Daylighting results are also shown for the current Surfaces and Façades selected.

U-value / R-value on the Dashboard relates only to Facade elements (excluding Roofs and Floors).

Note: For Detailed models, it is important that properties have been set for all elements in the Revit model so that the Performance area can calculate Overall Performance.  Walls, Floors and Roofs should generally have thermal properties assigned in Revit or these may be defined using the application (as overrides). All these values will determine the result for the R-value or U-value on the Dashboard (Overall Performance).

Dashboard for Detailed Tool displays weighted average results

Glazing should be assigned a construction type also with associated thermal properties for U-Value, SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) and VLT (visual light transmittance). Walls (solid and Curtain Wall) that are external should have their function set to ‘External’ in Revit.

Walls that are set to ‘Internal’ will be excluded by FenestraPro. Glazing material, if assigned, should have a minimum transparency set in the materials browser, to be identified as glass.  Please see  the FAQ’s section below – Modeling Guidelines for further information.

Note: It may sometimes happen that after calculating Solar Loads in the Building Manager that the Dashboard results do not display completely.  In this case, please run the Calculations again in the Building Manager.


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