2.0.4 Workflow & Models

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Workflow Videos – follow along with the videos to discover all the features

1. Workflow for Concept Models

Learn how to:

  1. Check Energy Settings and Launch the application
  2. Use the Building Manager to Calculate Solar Loads
  3. Set Overall Glass to Wall Ratio
  4. Change the display style in Revit
  5. Select or create an Energy Code for reference
  6. Set Properties for model ‘elements’
  7. Open the Charts and adjust the displays
  8. Use the Facade Manager to define settings
  9. Make selections and adjust settings (set Glazing Specifications, Percentages and Shade Canopies)
  10. Equalize Heat Gains on all Facades (optional)
  11. Lock and Unlock Surfaces (if required)
  12. Save an Excel or HTML Report (and add Custom Charts)
  13. Rename Surfaces/Facades + Create custom Groups

Download a Sample Model below

2. Workflow for Detailed Models   

Learn how to:

  1. Launch the application and define settings
  2. ‘Onboard’ your model (Assign glazing if missing, check for model issues)
  3. Define an Energy Code and override model values if needed
  4. Calculate results in the Building Manager
  5. Sync, save your model and restart Revit one time (if you have just installed)
  6. Relaunch Revit and Continue
  7. Navigate in the Model Viewer, make selections
  8. Use the Glass Database to assign glass types, review updates in Revit
  9. Use the Smart Surface Tool to find a glass type
  10. Add Windows using performance targets
  11. Review the Shading Animations
  12. Save a HTML Report and add custom Charts

Download a Sample Model below

3. Workflow for Advanced Detailed Models

  1. Launch FenestraPro, check Energy Settings and define project set-up
  2. Onboard your Revit model
  3. Navigate the Viewer and use the Charts and
  4. Add Curtain Walls using performance targets
  5. Use the Glazing Database to change glazing properties

Download a Sample Model below


3 minutesread

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