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Auto Distribute is available as an option, no matter how selections have been made (All Facades are selected / None are selected or multiple individual selections have been made).  This function will attempt to equalize results to all areas of the model by adjusting the glazed areas automatically. For instance, if you have a target value in mind for the project, the application will adjust glazing areas around the model to achieve this.

Note: Other existing settings that have been applied such as shading and fritting will also be factored in to calculate the glazing areas required.

Varied Solar Loads on each Facade naturally due to different orientations

Initially, a glazing percentage may be applied to the entire Mass model either in the Performance Manager or in the Energy Settings of Revit.

Auto Distribute works by attempting to equalizing the Solar Loads to all unlocked Surfaces in the Project.  This is done by adjusting the glazed areas to achieve results. In the Northern Hemisphere,  area facing South (typically higher Solar Loads) will get smaller glazed areas than those facing North.  The opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere.

Note: It may not always be possible to equalize the target value to all areas due to the model design, small Surface areas which already have a maximum glazed area etc.

Note: Surfaces that have been locked will not have their glazing percentages or Solar Loads adjusted.  Please see Section below on how to lock/unlock Façades or Surfaces.

Auto-distribute adjusts glazing areas to equalize Solar Loads on the model

Note: All unlocked Facades will have glazing areas adjusted in an attempt to equalize Solar Loads across the model.  All unlocked Facades will be affected, whether or not they are selected in the list.  Even if selections are made in the list, this function will  have no effect on these areas.


You may reset the glazed areas by going back to the Performance Manager and placing your mouse cursor inside the Overall Percentage Glazing input area and typing a value and pressing Return on the keyboard (or if the existing value displayed is correct, simply by pressing return on your keyboard).


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