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The dialog window displays current values for the selected Surface(s).

For imperial models:

Minimum R-value (ft2 F hr/BTU), Maximum Heat Gain (BTU/ft2 hr) and Minimum Daylight % .

For metric models:

Maximum U-value (W/m2 k), Maximum Heat Gain (W/m2) and Minimum Daylight % .

  1. Select a Surfaces(s)
  2. Filter/define the values with the sliders or by typing in values.
  3. By adjusting the values, the list of Glass Types in the Glass Database will reduce to a shortlist of those that will satisfy these criteria.
  4. Apply the selected Glass Type.
  5. Refresh on the Dashboard to update the results.
Smart Surface Tool to define Surface performance
Select a glass from the shortlist and apply using the ‘Fix Surface’ button


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