6.1.2. Compliance

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In the Concept Tool:

Thermal values that have been assigned to element types in the Revit model (roofs, floors, walls, glazing) will be compared with values set in the Code and will display in red or white font to indicate compliance or non-compliance.  Hovering over the value will also provide a tool-tip for guidance. You may apply these Code values using the checkmark beside the drop-down list. This will define all element categories as compliant. You may also adjust individual values using the sliders or type in a value into the element panels Roof Performance, Floor Performance, Wall Performance, Glazing Assembly).

Select Code from your list that was created

In the Detailed Tool:

There are sections under Setup to select one of the possible suggested Codes provided or create a Code for your project. Then you may check compliance with existing element values in Revit or apply the target Code values to calculate Facade Performance (these values are not written to the Revit model).

Please see Section 15.0 FAQ’s below for guidance on sharing Custom Codes with colleagues.  This may be shared from your online account to a colleague’s email if they have been added to your FenestraPro license.  They will then see this custom Code in their online account also.


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