7.3.8 Glass Database Chart

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The Glass Database also has a related Chart.  Blue discs display to represent the Glass Types in the list.  Hovering over a blue disc will display properties for that Glass.  You may also click on this name to link to a product page for that supplier.

If a Glass Type is selected in the database, it will display as an orange disc in the Chart.  Its relative position compared to other Glass Types may be reviewed according to the filters/axes defined.

Axes may be defined by the drop-down boxes provided. You may choose from U-value, SHGC and VLT for both x and y axes.

You may also use the sliders to filter the ranges for the parameters defined. Click on the Filter button for this to take effect. A button will then display to Remove the Filter.

Note: While filtering the database will define what is displayed in the Chart, adjusting settings in the Chart will not filter the database list (the connection is one directional only).

Hovering over the Chart or entry in the list will display data for that glass
Use axis parameters to define the Chart

Note: When Revit is re-started to allow the changes to the glazing properties to be assigned, it does not matter which method of analysis you choose (Spatial or Building Elements), a message will show to remind you that changes were made and if you wish to apply these changes to the model.

Note: If Edit Type is open in Revit, this will prevent FenestraPro being able to new Glass Types.  Please close Edit Type to allow the application to function.  You may need to apply again after closing the Edit Type window.  


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