12.0.4 Importing Rhino geometry to Revit

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Due to complexities in the way that geometry is created in Rhino compared to how Revit identifies elements, it is often best to import a Rhino model and use the outline to create a Revit model around this. There are third party applications which can assist in the successful transition from Rhino to Revit.

When your model has been created in Rhino and you wish to analyze in Revit with FenestraPro

  • Export the Rhino geometry as .sat format
  • Open Revit’s Mass Editor and import this .sat file
  • Save this mass and view in Revit
  • Create a Conceptual Mass using the outline of the Rhino geometry (complex curves etc may be faceted or simplified)
  • Create Mass Floors
  • Check Energy Settings are correct (Conceptual Mass mode, perimeter zone etc)
  •  Launch FenestraPro to analyse the Revit Mass.  Detailed elements may be applied to Mass Faces (Roofs, Floors and Walls if required to build up a detailed model).


2 minutesread

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