8.1.1 Excel Report

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Conceptual model only

For Excel, a window will appear prompting you to enter a Tab title and description (optional).  The tab title is mandatory and may be related to the iteration/version of your Report (eg. No shade devices, Low E Glass used etc

You may if you wish, just Export Selected Surfaces that rather than export all the data for the model.  Check this box if you have selected Surfaces and only wish to save results of these to the Report.

Then choose a location on your computer to save the file after you click Export.

Reports Tool (camera icon) – dialog window will open to select Excel or HTML

If the Revit model is modified and thereafter, another report is saved (using the same file name), this will appear as another tab in the same report if the same file name is used.

This is useful for comparing various iterations of a design and the implications of any changes made.  When saving, you may save as the same file name (overwrite the previous report) but both sets of data will be displayed in the Report.

Each time this is done, a new tab will be created in the same Excel file. These various iterations of the results may then be compared in the one Excel file.  FenestraPro  now includes more details of Curtain Wall Panels, their Revit family name, Host element and Thermal properties.

Note: if you try to write to an Excel file which is already open, you may get an error.  Any file which is open on your desktop should be first closed.  A name should be input for the report in the Title Tab.  You may provide a description if you wish (optional).  The next window will be where the file will be saved on your machine.  Browse to a suitable location.  Once saved, the Report may be opened manually. You may need to close the Reports window when complete to continue using the application (this will not close automatically and may be hidden on your screen and prevent continuation of the application).

Provide a name for the Tab and select the checkbox for Export Selected Surfaces if required
Provide a name and location for the Excel  Report to be saved

Selected Surfaces

There is also an option to export only data from selected Surfaces.  Check this box to send only Results and Revit element information from the Surfaces that have been selected rather than Results from the entire model.  This will produce a smaller dataset which will be more manageable for larger models.  If you do not select this option, all data from the model is exported to the Excel Report.


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