Glazing Dimensions

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Enter Façade/Surface specific glazing percentages using the slider or numerical input, and dimensions for the head and sill of the glazing.

If the internal surface types are different than the default set under the Building Configuration, you can change them using the drop down box Internal Surfaces by selecting another type from – Light walls and floor cavity/ Medium walls and floor cavity/Dark walls and floor cavity/Mixed.  This setting will affect Daylighting as a reflectance factor is applied.

Glazing Dimensions may be adjusted for selected Surfaces/Facades

To understand how adjusting glazing on one Facade/Surface may affect other areas on the model:

Note: Adjusting Glazing Percentage on one Surface/Facade may affect other Surfaces as the application will automatically compensate to maintain the overall Glazing Percentage defined under the Performance tab.  Deleting glazing areas or reducing/increasing the percentage glazing on a Facade(s) or Surface(s) may cause other areas to adjust. The short video below explains how adjusting some surfaces may affect others.

To avoid this and maintain the settings on Surfaces, they may be locked.  Please see Section for details on how to do this.

For example, if you delete glazing on one Surface, other areas will increase their glazed areas to compensate.  The application will attempt to maintain the Overall Glazing Percentage defined under the Performance tab.

This is why the results on the Dashboard may also appear the same after glazing is deleted in a Conceptual Mass model.  To avoid adjustments on other areas of the project, use the locking/unlocking function as described.


2 minutesread

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