Select Surfaces defined by FenestraPro

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Apply a Glass Type using Surface Selections

  1. Surfaces may be selected by hovering over the surface in the viewer or by using the list in Façade Navigator.  You may select one or multiple Surfaces.
  2. You may also use the Charts to select Facades or Surfaces (single Facade or Surface only).
  3. Facades may also be selected by clicking on a wall on the Revit model.  These selections may further be filtered by reviewing the list in Façade Navigator and unchecking Surfaces if necessary. This may also be done by unchecking Surfaces in the model Viewer.
Selection of Surfaces from the Façade Navigator list or from the Charts

Note: a Surface may not always map exactly to a single wall in Revit  (that Surface may also contain walls on other planes depending on how the Revit model is created (open plan arrangements etc)).  If the model has areas with similar orientations and these are associated to the same analytical space, then these areas may also be part of a Surface even though they are on a different plane.

One Surface comprised of two separate walls which are associated to a single space


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