Most Shaded Surfaces

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Note: Calculate Shading Factor is unchecked by default for quicker performance. Including this calculation will take into account the effects of self-shading (areas of the building which shade other parts) and shading effects from surrounding buildings.  It will take longer to produce results on more complex buildings.

If you close the Building Manager and open again, Shading Factors will be unchecked since this is the default setting when opening this window.  The Shading Calculations will remain however, displaying what was calculated in the previous results.

Shading Factors populating in Building Manager

If you wish to cancel before the Solar Loads have finished calculating, you may stop the process.  A message will display to advise you that the calculations have not completed.  You will then have incomplete data in FenestraPro.  While it may seem that the Solar Loads have populated in the Building Manager, all the Surfaces may not have been calculated and you should allow the process to complete fully.

If you click multiple times to Stop the process, you may see a Microsoft dialog box to end the process or wait.  Please use caution as this message pertains to Autodesk Revit and clicking ‘Yes’ to this message may inadvertently close your session of Revit.

If a Detailed Model is opened with one option (eg. Building Elements) and subsequently opened using the other option (eg. Spatial Elements), the Solar Loads will need to be calculated again, as each option uses separate methods of analysis.

Note: While the Building Manager is open, the Main window of FenestraPro will be unavailable. This is to ensure that the model is not modified when calculations are underway. Please wait for the message to confirm that the calculations have completed since even though the Solar Loads may appear to be displayed, not all surfaces may be included yet in the results.  Closing the Building Manager too early may result in incomplete results.  However, calculations may be terminated anytime by clicking on the Stop Calculating button.

Note: After closing the Building Manager, please wait until the Dashboard updates with the results.  The progress bar will animate to display this.


2 minutesread

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