7.3.4 Sort the List

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Once filtered, the list may also be sorted into ascending/descending values for each parameter.  By clicking on the headers for each parameter (Name, U-value, SHGC, VLT).   A small arrow will indicate beside the header to show that sorting has been applied.  This may be used for each heading/parameter.  The list can only be sorted by one parameter however (not progressively).

Items in the list will display from lowest to highest or vice-versa (only one parameter may be sorted at any one time).  You can also use the Name header to sort the list.

Since the list is paginated (divided into pages) only the active page is sorted (there may be other glasses in the entire database which also have similar high or low values).  It may be best therefore to filter the list first into a shortlist of entries before sorting into ascending/descending values.

To sort the entire database, you may access your Account area online.  Once a suitable glass is identified, you may search for this in the Add-in.

Sorting the list by ascending values
Sorting the list by descending values


2 minutesread

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