5.0 Managers

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    1. Building Manager– Select detailed information about the building such as the Building Use, Location and the yearly, weekly, and hourly usage.  Calculate Shading effects if required.

    2. Performance Manager – Set Building Code values as a target reference.  Set Thermal Properties of elements for conceptual models (Roof, Floor, Façade Performance Level, Glazing, and Wall). Set glazing percentage for a Mass Model.  View compliance status, Building Performance and Façade Performance.

    3. Façade Manager– Set glazing specifications in Conceptual Mass models at a building, Façade, and/or Surface level. Choose Facades/Surfaces for analysis (Results will display for those selections only).

    4. Glazing Database – List of Glass Types that may be used to replace existing ones in the model.  Products from Vitro and Guardian Glass as well as sample Glass Types. Custom Glass Types may also be created on the manufacturer’s websites and imported to the application.

Note: The Energy Units in Revit may sometimes be changed if model units have been changed from imperial or metric. If there are differences in the units seen in Revit as compared to the units used in FenestraPro, these can be adjusted in Revit by going to the ‘Manage‘ tab – ‘Project Units’. Choose ‘Energy Units’ instead of ‘Common Units’ and set this to the appropriate value (imperial or metric) if required so that the units are consistent in Revit and FenestraPro.


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