8.2.1 Custom Reports

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Custom Reports may be created using the menu icon.  This will add charts to your HTML Report which are defined by criteria that you select from a list.

Click on Custom Reports on the menu to enter an area to configure new charts.

Custom Charts may be added to the existing report here

Click on Custom Reports (1), then on New Report (2) to enter the custom area.

Custom Charts area for setting criteria to compare

In Report Title, you may enter a name for the chart (eg. Glazing % / Glazed Areas etc).

Report Title and Grouping data options

Group Data by various options such as Surfaces, Facades, Orientations or the Whole Building.

Sort Data by the options provided if you wish.

Sort data by options (optional)

The Limit field refers to how many Surfaces display in the chart.  Depending on your model, you may wish to increase or decrease this value.  For instance if you have only 40 Surface and you display 100, 60 will be blank.  Setting the Limit to 40 will produce more legible chart.  If your project has a larger number of Surfaces and some do not display in the charts, check this setting.

Report Layout options are also available as shown in the image below.

Report Layout options

Select parameters to include and select display styles for each chart (spline, line areas, bars etc).

Display Styles may be selected here

The criteria in the list may also be sorted by dragging up and down using the arrows provided.  This will allow one chart to display in front of or behind another.  Multiple criteria may be selected but it is recommended to limit these so that the chart produced is legible.  You may then create a further chart with different criteria.  It may be useful to select criteria for comparison in a chart eg. Glazed Area / Glazed Percentage or Monthly Solar load / Average Solar Load etc.

Criteria selected for the new chart

Clicking on Done will add the new chart into the custom area of the Report.  The wheel icon may be used to edit any custom report.  This will return you to the custom chart creation window where you may modify parameters or display styles etc.  Custom Charts may also be deleted, once created.

Once the chart has been added, you may return to modify or delete it in the editing area

Once charts have been added to the report, they may be downloaded as png, jpeg or pdf, printed or viewed in Full Screen.  In this way, Users can build a custom report with relevant data for presentations or review.

Reports may also be downloaded as HTML files, PDF or Excel formats.


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