9.0.1 Common Options

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In the Conceptual Tool, Common Settings are explained below.

Common Settings

1. Web Service Location

This is a legacy setting and it is not necessary to adjust this.

2. View Settings

Tick the boxes provided to set view configurations:

    1. Show expanded on opening which displays the expanded FenestraPro window on start-up (expands the Charts)
    2. View Rotation – orbits the model based on selections made in the Façade Manager (so that these surfaces face forward)

Note:  The View Rotation or highlighting of Surfaces does not function in Revit’s 3D Energy Model View.  The default 3D View view in Revit should be used as the main view.

3. Debug Settings

a) Enable Complete Logging may be checked if you wish to provide more details in the Log files should there be any issues. By default, only errors are logged to reduce the processing and improve performance.

Note: For large models, Enable Complete Logging may be unchecked, so as to not reduce the performance of FenestraPro during excessive logging.

b)  Clear Cache can be helpful if the application is starting to slow or many versions of a model have been analyzed.  This may be requested by the FenestraPro Support Team to clear any cached solar data, shading results etc from previous sessions, which may be causing issues.

This will clear the database files for Building Codes, Solar Data, Shading results and settings for Custom Groups.  Your License token and Log files will not be deleted.

Clearing the cache of previous stored data if required

c) Log Surface

This is useful if you are having issues with a Surface appearing incorrectly.  Input a number for the Surface eg. 10, 25, etc, then press the Log Surface button.  This will add further details for this Surface into the log file which will help to debug the cause of any issue.  Note: You cannot log a Surface that has been renamed.  If you know the original Surface number, you can still log that however.  ‘Enable Complete Logging ‘ does not have to be turned on for this feature to operate.

Log Surface will output more details to the log files for the support team to diagnose issues

d) Send Report

If you are having issues with the application, this will send a message to the FenestraPro Support team with the recent log files from your sessions to help us diagnose any issues.  You may include a description of the issue if you wish (optional).

Send a Report to the Support Team

e) Mail Support

This will open your default email application to send a message to the FenestraPro support team.

Send an email to the Support Team

Display Units

There is also an option to select the output units for results and values.  Whether the project has been modeled in metric or imperial units, you may choose to get outputs in either unit.  After changing the setting, close and relaunch the application. On relaunch, a  message will display to advise you that units in the application are converted.

Note: The model units for measuring distances, areas etc in Revit will remain the same as this feature does not convert Revit’s model units for any parameters.  Only the outputs in the application are converted (Heat Gain, Areas, U-values etc).

Note: If the cache has been cleared (recent results and data saved in the application memory), then the values cannot be converted as they will have been removed from the application memory.  In this case, the Add-in may show blank data.  Re-launch the application and recalculate results in the Building Manager to get data again.

Output units may be adjusted here


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