4.11 Compliance Check

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This function will produce an Excel report on Revit element areas and their thermal properties.  This information may be used as inputs for third party software tools for checking compliance with regional codes.  This report is covered in Section 2.2.6 above.

There are also contextual Toolbars which appear when certain selections are made or depending on the model type you are viewing.  For example, in Conceptual Mass models, you might see icons to set Glazing Percentage to Maximum or to Recalculate after changes have been made.

In Detailed models, when solid walls are selected, options will display to Add Windows or Add Curtain Walls.  The Update Glazing Properties button appears when an item is selected in the Details List.  These features are covered in more detail below.

Note: Due to complexities in modeling conditions, some data reported may need adjustment.  It is advisable to check that all elements expected have been reported.  Model conditions which may cause reporting issues are covered below in Known Issues.


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