10.4 Shading

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This Chart displays the shading effects on Facades and Surfaces from surrounding objects and from self-shading.  This Chart will only be displayed if Calculate Shading Factors has been turned on in the Building Manager.  An additional Chart  for Shading will then display.

Conceptual Models

Shading Chart will not display unless this has been calculated in the Building Manager

Clicking into a Façade on the Chart will reveal the Surfaces within. This Chart may also be sorted by rick-clicking on any of the bars and choosing Order Descending or Order Ascending.  In this way you can view the most shaded Surfaces on the model.

Shading Chart displays percentage of shaded areas on Facades/Surfaces

There is also a Shading Depth Chart which appears when the Shading Depth Tool is used (when a single Surface is selected only).  This is covered in Section

Shading Depth Charts related to the Shading depth tool

Detailed Models

Shading Charts will appear only if Calculate Shading has been included in the Building Manager before you get results (Download Solar Data)

Shading Charts display once this setting is checked

The Shading Charts display the percentage of the selected Facades/Surfaces that are shaded.  Shading may be caused by surrounding buildings, self-shading on the model or shading devices (canopies or vertical fins).  It does not currently provide the area of the glazed zone that is shaded.

You may navigate or make selections using the Charts as described in previous articles (using the Facades List, click on areas in the model Viewer or select areas on the Revit model itself) .  From the Charts, you may select a single Facade (all Surfaces within) or a single Surface. It is not possible to select random multiple Surfaces from the Charts (this may be done from the Facade Navigator or on the model in the Viewer).

Shading Charts display the percentage of shading on Facades/Surfaces
The Facade Navigator may be used to make selections
Selections made on the model, from the Facades List will also display in the Charts


3 minutesread

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